My daughter has been in Tiny Town for a year now and she has absolutely excelled! We moved her from her previous nursery as her speech etc started going backwards and we didn’t see her learning the way she should.

Tiny Town promotes learning through play and it has been the best decision we ever made for our daughter. She is so happy there and the staff is absolutelyincredible. My daughter has advanced tremendously and problem areas we used to have, we no longer do.

Tiny Town also works with a catering company now to provide healthy cooked meals to kids for lunch. This has helped my daughters fussy eating habits and has opened her up to trying new things. I can’t thank her teacher enough for taking the time to sit with her and ensure she tries her food and for making it special for her. Also for opening her up to new things and putting up with her stubborn ways.

They also have numerous extra mural activities and do French and Arabic classes every day! You also get feedback from the classes. Tiny Town also has an app which keeps its parents updated on what the child has been doing during the day and pictures are also uploaded daily. This app has proved to be extremely handy and in absolutely loving it!

Tiny Town really has made a huge impact on mine and my daughters life, they have become our second family! I feel at ease knowing my daughter is being looked after by full trained professionals who also adore her and her peers. They make you feel at home ❤️

All Tiny Town staff are fully qualified and they take pride in this and have their certificates and qualifications on display! There is no better nursery in Dubai! We just never want to leave!!