Education should provide a medium for creativity.

Creativity often gets ignored and the spotlight shines on academic success as it is deemed as not thinking or being smart. However, as stated by Sir Ken Robinson:

“Being creative is not just about having off-the-wall ideas and letting your imagination run free. It may involve all of that, but it also involves refining, testing, and focusing what you’re doing. It’s about original thinking on the part of the individual, and it’s also about judging critically whether the work in process is taking the right shape and is worthwhile, at least for the person producing it.”

We encourage creativity at Tiny Town Nursery, providing a blank canvas for pupils to explore and create what they wish.

As parents, encourage creativity in your child, they will reap the benefits throughout their life! They will be able to tackle different tasks with a different way of thinking, they will be able to express themselves to the world and have more self confidence and more! Do not deceive the power of creativity.

Top tips:

At home instead of giving pupils colouring sheets, see what pictures they can create themselves. Give your child a variety of materials and see what they can make – this can be plastic cups, paint, water or anything!

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